October 20, 2018
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PBI envisions a world in which people address conflicts non violently, where human rights are universally upheld and social justice and intercultural respect have become a reality.


PBI works to open a space for peace in which conflicts can be dealt with non-violently. We use a strategy of international presence and concern that supports local initiatives and contributes to developing a culture of peace and justice. We act on request of local non-violent groups working for human rights and social change in regions where there is oppression and conflict.

The aim of PBI's international presence is to accompany both political and social processes through a joint strategy of deterring violence and promoting active non-violence. Our international teams of volunteers use methods such as protective accompaniment, peace education, independent observation and analysis of the conflict situation. In addition, PBI learns about, develops, and models forms of nonviolent intervention. Where possible, we initiate contacts with all the parties to a conflict in order to inform of our presence.

PBI supports this work through a broad international network of organizations and individuals. Our identity is built upon nonhierarchical structures and consensual processes. 

How PBI works

PBI's work is based on non-violent philosophy and international human rights norms, with a strict respect for local laws and independent of political and religious institutions. PBI receives a variety of funding from public and private institutions from several countries.

PBI has had projects in El Salvador, Indonesia, Sri Lanka, Canada, Haiti, Croatia and Serbia. Currently, PBI operates in Colombia, Guatemala, MexicoHondurasNepal and  Kenya.

The international structure of PBI is made up of an International Secretariat, which is composed of the International Council (IC), the International Operative Council (IOC), and the international office in London (United Kingdom). The General Assembly (GA) is the highest decision-making body in the organization and meets every three years with representation from PBI's Projects and the Country Groups.

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International Office, Development House, 56-64 Leonard Street, London EC2A 4LT, U.K. Tel: +44 20 7065 0775
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