October 20, 2018
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The Honduran Center for the Promotion of Community Development was founded in 1991. The central focus of its work is the right to food security in connection with economic, social, and cultural rights (ESCR). CEHPRODEC provides legal and technical accompaniment to rural and indigenous communities who defend their land. The organization offers support in the form of training, organizing, and promoting and protecting human rights with the objective of guaranteeing the rights of communities affected by hidroelectric and extractivist projects. In the legal defense department, CEHPRODEC manages the cases of indigenous and rural peoples who are criminalized for working to defend their lands and territories. CEHPRODEC is currently present in 10 of the 18 departments of Honduras, and the organization also coordinates the National Coalition of Environmental Networks (CONROA).

Since May 2014, PBI has accompanied CEHPRODEC in its various projects with rural and indigenous communities that find themselves at risk due to their defense of their territories.

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